inkedfools asked: "So after a lot of thinking, my question is : What do you think about Game Of Thrones ? This question contains no Spoilers, I swear ;)"

I love it so far the books can get a bit dry but other than that they’re awesome 



Insane Body Mods >Why would anyone do these crazy and disgusting things to their body?
Ask me something and I’ll rate your blog

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izzyheartt asked: "If you only had three words left to say to the world what would they be?"

I hate everyone 

firstandnever asked: "Who is your favourite body-modified person and your favourite musician/band?"

Body mod person would be my friend Martin or my friend Josh

Musician would be Phil Bozeman 

vickkst asked: "What is your favorite band?"

Not too sure I have a few.

We came as romans, whitechapel, thy art is murder,and a few others haha

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